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Small Claims

A few months after being sworn in, a client came in with a very small case that no other attorney had accepted. We agreed to help her and recovered $4,500 dollars. Even though our fee was $1,500, we reduced it to $1,000 to help the client.

Vehicular Accident

Six months later, the same client referred us to a case where a client had been rear-ended by a semi, causing a concussion. Even though she denied being injured (a common side effect of traumatic brain injury) and refused treatment, we managed to recover $450,000 thousand dollars for her even when other attorneys have valued the case at $40,000.

Sports-Related Injury

A former client referred us to the case of a young semi-professional soccer player hit by a semi, causing multiple fractures. After insurance failed to tender their 2 million-dollar policy, we agreed to mediation, where we managed to get them to agree to pay the full 2 million in less than one hour.

Animal Attack

72-year-old client was attacked by a large German shepherd as she walked her small Chihuahua. Insurance offered to pay all vet bills for the bites little Gala received. They also said, “We will also give you $6,500 dollars to compensate for a small bite to your hand and the doctor’s bill.” They added they were being generous because they wanted to “help her out.” After we took the case, we had the client see a counselor for a brief period, after which we recovered $35,000 dollars for her.

Car Collision

Husband and wife were rear-ended at a fast rate of speed. Insurance refused to offer them more than $1,500 dollars each. After we got involved, we managed to secure policy limits of $50,000 dollars for each of them.


Client was running late for work and doing close to 100 miles per hour when the company vehicle turned left in front of him. In his rush to get to work, he forgot to buckle up. Insurance refused to make an offer citing his speed and failure to wear a seatbelt. After a lawsuit was filed and experts were secured, the matter was settled during mediation for $1.3 million dollars.

Fire Insurance

Client bought property insurance, and the broker fails to send payment on a timely basis. A few days later, the property burns down. Insurance claims no coverage since payment was not received, errors and omissions carrier indicates no coverage because the policy would have been liability only. After we became involved and secured fire department reports and information regarding what our client had requested, the errors and omissions carrier paid $100,000-dollar policy limits.

Traffic Violation

Social media friends contacted our office after family friends were involved in a serious accident when a company vehicle failed to stop at a posted stop sign. We immediately secured the best experts in the industry and hired Heidi Hemmat Productions to produce “A Day in the Life” video, describing the suffering the family was going through after losing their mother in the crash. We immediately managed to get the defendant to pay for all funeral expenses, provide a replacement vehicle for our client and pay $9,050,000.00 dollars

Car Insurance

Client purchased insurance and informed the carrier her son lived with her but had his own insurance. Broker indicated she did not need to add him to the policy since he was insured. Client went out of town and her son borrowed her vehicle since his broke down. Insurance denies coverage. Once we became involved and took statements from the broker and secured additional evidence, insurance paid the vehicle in full and tendered their policy limits in full.

Vehicle Fire

Client was on her way to work when she fell asleep at the wheel, losing control of the vehicle and going off-road. Her vehicle immediately caught fire. Luckily, a Good Samaritan saw the crash and went to save her. Unfortunately, as he made it out of the burning car with her, a third vehicle ran them both over, causing traumatic injuries to both. Counsel for the Good Samaritan argued our client caused the initial crash and “but for” falling asleep at the wheel. Nobody would have been hurt; therefore, they demanded full policy for their client. Even though our client agreed that her rescuer should receive the money, we managed to secure $650,000 dollars for her. Afterward, she and her hero met for an embrace, and everyone in the room was in tears.